What’s in a name? Meet Kennon

I was unlocking my door on Fifth Floor at Berry College’s Dana Hall in the fall of 1993. I caught a peripheral glance out of the corner of my eye of another student doing the same a few doors down. We met each other’s eyes. Recognition? Shock? Rejoicing. I couldn’t believe it. It was KennonContinue reading “What’s in a name? Meet Kennon”

Independent Author of The Year Finalist

The Independent Author Network announced their 2017 winners today and I am pleased to announce that Alexandria Rising was named a finalist in the Action-Adventure category. As an independent author, these are the types of honors that keep us going against the odds. Big ups to all of y’all for your encouragement, purchases and support.

Meet Winston Worsley…

One of everybody’s favorite new characters in Alexandria Reborn is Winston, the ‘old cowboy’ as he calls himself who hails from west Texas. This is one of my favorite scenes when he first meets Rand and Rand discovers the other side of those who work with The Slendoc Meridian. (And, yes, a spin off bookContinue reading “Meet Winston Worsley…”

The trilogy is complete: Enter Alexandria Redeemed

You followed him across four countries where he discovered humanity’s biggest secret. Now, with the truth of his family revealed and Hope Lightfoot found, Rand O’Neal is looking forward to a life of peace and anonymity. But instead of solace and detachment, a new enemy with a familiar name emerges and he is forced toContinue reading “The trilogy is complete: Enter Alexandria Redeemed”

Interview in Blue Mountain Review

Big ups and a major thanks to The Blue Mountain Review for interviewing me in the latest issue of that gorgeous magazine. You can check out the entire issue here which is chock full of prime prose, poetry, interviews and art. As a former journalist, I must say it was different, yet pleasant, being on theContinue reading “Interview in Blue Mountain Review”

Farewell J.P. Donleavy: God have mercy on the wild Ginger Man

The great J.P. Donleavy has died at the ripe old age of 91. I’ve been a Donleavy fan since my senior year in college when I discovered his work while studying in Ireland. Donleavy is the King of The Tragicomedy. “The Ginger Man,” in particular, his first novel exemplifies that concept and the main character,Continue reading “Farewell J.P. Donleavy: God have mercy on the wild Ginger Man”

You ain’t Spota be doin’ that! What’s in a character’s name?

Spota. This is a picture of the man who inspired the character in Alexandria Reborn. What an interesting name? How did he get this name? Who is this guy and why is he in your novel? Who is the real Spota then? No spoilers here, but in the scene where he introduces himself to Rand,Continue reading “You ain’t Spota be doin’ that! What’s in a character’s name?”

Alexandria Reborn: Your prep kit.

Alexandria Reborn, the sequel to Alexandria Rising and Book 2 in The Alexandria Rising Chronicles, is now available in paperback and kindle. So, what do you need to know? I mean, a sequel is a sequel, right? Yes. Yet…. A couple of items worth noting. The book picks up immediately after the last chapter inContinue reading “Alexandria Reborn: Your prep kit.”

What is the symbol on the front of the book?

Since “Alexandria Rising,” published last October, I have been asked on one than more occasion: “What is the symbol on the front of the book?”  or “I’m sorry, I don’t speak that language?” (always the smart aleck in a group, right?)  or “So, are you ever going to let us know what this is aboutContinue reading “What is the symbol on the front of the book?”