Lost Letters of Henry O’Neal

THE LOST LETTERS OF HENRY O’NEAL  By Thomas J. Callahan February 2017/northern Europe/Location Ragnar  INTRODUCTION  During Henry’s illness, he wrote several letters for his grandson, Rand, to open upon his death. However, only one letter was passed on and it appears in the book, “Alexandria Rising.” Why this is, we do not exactly know. Perhaps, in his stateContinue reading “Lost Letters of Henry O’Neal”

Interviewed on NPR’s Dante’s Old South

I was honored to be interviewed on NPR’s Dante’s Old South in late April. This eclectic radio show is based out of WUTC in Chattanooga, Tennessee and hosted by Clifford Brooks and Richard Winham. My interview and reading are around the 50 minute mark, but I encourage you to listen to the entire show forContinue reading “Interviewed on NPR’s Dante’s Old South”

The Wasteland and Alexandria Reborn

Was T.S. Eliot aware of the existence of The Slendoc Meridian? Lux? Where is the red rock? What will Rand find there? Who is Waterstone? This passage above from, “The Wasteland” appears at the front of Alexandria Reborn. But why? What is the correlation between this passage of The Wasteland and the book? Click forContinue reading “The Wasteland and Alexandria Reborn”

Interviewed on A Taste Of Ink

I was honored to be recently interviewed  by C. Stene Duckworth on her podcast A Taste Of Ink. We talked for almost an hour and covered a variety of topics, including The Alexandria Rising Chronicles, the writing process, inspiration and even my non fiction books. You can listen to the interview here. Mark Wallace Maguire MarkContinue reading “Interviewed on A Taste Of Ink”

The story behind Alexandria Rising Rhythms

What is Alexandria Rising Rhythms?  >>>It is instrumental music inspired by the novel Alexandria Rising. >>> It is a unique album as it was written, recorded and mixed in four cities  spanning thousands of miles apart during a 10-month span. >>>It has drawn comparisons to soundtrack music, ambient music and psychedelic rock and broke newContinue reading “The story behind Alexandria Rising Rhythms”

What’s in a name? Meet Rhodes

Ron and I were exchanging jokes on the loading dock at the newspaper, the smell of newsprint and fresh ink creased the air. It was winter 2017 and the breeze caught the blue smoke from his cigarette and whisped it across the street where it scattered and dissipated over the muddy park. As usual, ourContinue reading “What’s in a name? Meet Rhodes”

The mysterious Mary Celest…and what might be next

  The doors leisurely opened and a tall, willowy woman, her skin the color of cinnamon glided out, braids of silver hair dangling regally down her neck. She wore a long silk dress, the hue of a pale morning sky. Despite the heat, a royal blue shawl adorned her shoulders.  “My friend,” she said inContinue reading “The mysterious Mary Celest…and what might be next”

Interconnectivity, symbolism and numerology in Alexandria Rising

Someone asked me the other day about how much symbolism I crammed into ‘Alexandria Rising. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: As much as I possibly could. Why do this in an action adventure novel? Well, I figured if I was going to write a novel, I might as well have some fun with it.Continue reading “Interconnectivity, symbolism and numerology in Alexandria Rising”