Welcome. Feel free to poke about. There’s plenty of content here to continue the journey.

If you’re a fan of The Alexandria Rising Chronicles, I recommend visiting the multi-media page where you can view films salvaged from expeditions in the 1930s to the expanded appendices for every Easter egg in the series.

If you are a follower of Arestus and his adventures, I have some blogs on where the names of cities and characters originated.

About me? Well, I like hiking, gardening, second breakfast, strong coffee and good storytelling that includes everything from the film ‘1917’ to Carl Sandburg’s verse and, of course, the masters such as C.S. Lewis J.R.R. Tolken, Maya Angelou, Pat Conroy and J.P. Donleavy.

As of late, my best thinking and creativity has been done while hiking, especially in the Old Woodth of this age that you can find in Red Clay Country and the deep sharp teethed valleys of Boone, N.C.

I have several interviews you can read about on the Press and Reviews tab. If you have other questions or inquiries, feel free to email me at markwallacemaguire@gmail.com.

I am on twitter and instagram, but primarily use Facebook. You can follow my author page here. I offer a mix of interesting events, quotes and multi-media experiences.

My books are available on amazon, nook and other digital platforms. Hard copies are sold at select libraries and bookstores in Georgia including Warm Springs Cellars, Warm Springs, Georgia and Corner Arts Gallery and Studio, Newnan, Georgia.

Enjoy the journeys.

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