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I am way behind in uploading these with more to come. In the meantime, please visit my youtube channel where I have over a dozen more uploaded and easy to browse through.

Thomas J. Callahan – the chap who wrote the appendices to ‘Alexandria Rising’ – found this lost film footage today from an ill-fated 1932 dig for the Slendoc Meridian. Very strange and intriguing

Final trailer for ‘Alexandria Rising’ Go ahead, give it a click. We know you’re interested..

Published July 2016. Delve deeper….

the messenger waits to make his delivery of scrolls….Wessex, late summer, 806 AD..below an excerpt

Preview trailer. Spring 2016.

Possible scrolls attributed to keepers of The Slendoc Meridian. Being confirmed by Thomas J. Callahan.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.26.48 AM

One of the lost letters of Henry O’Neal….


From left, the burning of Alexandria. Claude Monet, alluded to by Kent St. James as a user of The Slendoc Meridian. Fire in the sky? Beasts under earth? Where did inspiration come from? Bottom, from left, the writer and his muses. What the atrium to the Library at Alexandria was envisioned as from scripts.


A portion of a letter retrieved.

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Visions of illumination as described by one individual.