Reviews for ‘The Last Wizard at The End of The World’

Big ups to all the fantastic reviews that have been streaming in for, “The Last Wizard at The End of The World.” I’ve been very fortunate to gained strong reviews from a variety of sources. Click the images below to read more.

“The Last Wizard at the End of The Western World” is a wonderful sequel to “In Pursuit of The Pale Prince.” This Arestus Adventure finds the protagonist and his friend Cirin off on another journey in their quest to help save the city of Gresson from dark forces. 

Like “In Pursuit of The Pale Prince,” Maguire includes in this book elements of the Tolkien and Lewis fantasy novels. The author will have you on the edge of your seat as he weaves in new characters in a new expedition for Arestus, peppered with plenty of humor.  – Everett Catts, Editor, Neighbor Newspapers

“Like all of Maguire’s previous works, “The Last Wizard at the End of the World,” is another wonderful, gripping read. It is obvious that the author delights in world-building and writing fast-paced, action-adventure novels. While this story is geared towards young adult audiences, readers of all ages will enjoy the continued adventures of young Arestus of The Wood.”
Damon Poirier, author of ‘Dark Places’

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