‘The Last Wizard at The End of The World’ has arrived!

Yes, it is here! After a two year gestation period of stops, starts, re-writes, re-imagining and the countless input of top tier editors, copywriters and friends.

“The Last Wizard at the End of the World,” was published by Speckled Leaf Press in October 2020 and is the highly-anticipated sequel to, ‘In Pursuit of The Pale Prince.’

A Young Adult Fantasy novel, the book is action packed and written with lyrical prose, drawing comparisons to the novels of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Lloyd Alexander.

Early reviews have been fantastic with author Damon Poirier, the publisher of Waking Up In Boone and longtime Atlanta news icon Everett Catts chiming in with praise.

I’ve also been hitting the ground running with a series of virtual classes, panels and readings this fall.

In late September, I participated in a virtual author panel at Hometown Novel Nights with the Newnan Carngie Library and hosted by Southern icon and literary torch bearer T.M. Brown.

I will be participating in the Peachtree City’s Library Virtual Author Panel on October 22.

The weekend of October 24 and 25 I will be part of Book Fest, sponsored by the Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Association. The two day event will be shared via Youtube and Facebook. I was interviewed for the piece by Celeste Duckworth, publisher of VertiKal Media and one of the event’s sponsors.

New interviews and virtual readings are scheduled through the rest of the year. You may purchase the book on amazon, barnesandnoble.com and at select libraries and small bookshops in Atlanta.

If you’d like an interview, signed copy or want to drop a line, you can hit me up at markwallacemaguire@gmail.com.

More to come later!

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