Great article in the Marietta Daily Journal on ‘In Pursuit of The Pale Prince.’ Thanks so much for Writer Damon Poirier for the write-up!

Mark 6

>>> Alexandria Rising hits number one in three Kindle categories.

>>> Interview on Vertikal Life A Taste of Ink.

>>> Interview and reading on Dante’s Old South on NPR.

>>>One hour long in-depth interview on Jessie’s Coffee Shop on KLRN. Link here. 

>>> ‘Mark Wallace Maguire uses dialogue-driven plotlines to naturally unfold twists and dark alleys without cryptic references or excessive force. You hear the mood in music prose rarely conveys. This is sharp skill married to a detective’s cynicism, and topped off with enough chaos to keep you close. You cannot kill a good story. ” – Clifford Brooks, Pulitzer-Prize nominee, author of Athena Departs and The Draw of Broken Eyes and Whirling Metaphysics.

>>>Review of Alexandria Reborn by P.S. I Love That Book.

>>>Interview in Blue Mountain Review.                                                                                  >>>Prose & Cons class at Pickens County Library.

>>> Interview on the Speculative Fiction Cantina.                                                                           >>> Mark Wallace Maguire named a Finalist for Independent Author of The Year, 2017.

>>> Feature on Alexandria Reborn in The Marietta Daily Journal.

>>>Mark Wallace Maguire has been nominated for Georgia Author of The Year for his novel, “Alexandria Rising.”

>>>”I  would highly recommend this book for anyone who likes adventure and mystery books! – P.S. I LOVE THAT BOOK

>>>”It was written very, very, well. The characters are deep and well laid out. The storyline is fascinating and told a magical and dangerous tale…. It was suspenseful and full of mystery and intrigue. It kept me on the edge of my seat.” – Boundless Book Reviews

>>>Q and A in the Marietta Daily Journal on ‘Alexandria Rising’

>>>Feature article in The Fayette Citizen newspaper

>>> Interview on ‘Are you Afraid of The Dark’

>>> Special character interview on ‘Are you Afraid of The Dark’

>>>”Mark Wallace Maguire not only writes a great story – I couldn’t put it down over three days – but he writes a story that never scientifically walks away from the reader. Everyone can enjoy this story and keep up with what’s going on around O’Neal. I applaud Maguire, too, because of his attention to detail. He did a phenomenal job with his research.” – Scott Douglas Vaughn, author, “Brookwood Road” and “Elm Street”

>>>”Alexandria Rising is full of action, adventure, international intrigue and a touch of magic” – Allen Bell, author, cultural omnivore, Arts Education Manager, Georgia Council for the Arts

Dozens of reviews on Goodreads and Amazon including: 

“Excellent…looking forward to the sequel” – Suzanne Swift, Goodreads

“I really enjoyed this action/adventure page-turner. I was pulled in from the very first chapter, and I found myself getting up earlier just so I could have some extra reading time. I was also thrilled to discover that Mark Wallace Maguire had added a lot of bonus materials for true-blue fans on the book’s website and videos on youTube. Five Stars!” – Goodreads review.

“Maguire ties the story into history, literature, science, and a bit of magic. The story will keep you guessing about what will happen and what Rand will do until the end. Looking forward to a sequel. Highly recommended.” – Amazon review

“Really enjoyed this book. The main character, Rand was believable and interesting. Fast paced and intriguing plot line. Highly recommend!” – Amazon review

“I am not usually a fan of action thrillers so I was surprised how quickly I became engrossed in this book” – Amazon review

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