2022 News, Reviews and What’s Next!

I hope your spring has been kind this year and April has not been the cruelest month, to twist a phrase from T.S. Eliot.

After the stolid, frozen and dark days of February, spring has been on the slow rise here in Georgia and it is painting a beautiful picture.

This year has already brought with it many good tidings from my world of writing. Here is a recap and what’s waiting over the horizon.

  1. “Alexandria Reborn,” the second book in the “Alexandria Rising Chronicles,” is now on audible! It dropped in early March. I worked again with acclaimed narrator Thomas Cassidy who delivered a super experience. You can get a taste via the teaser below.

2. Shout Out Atlanta published a feature on me and my work in January. It was a great in-depth feature and gave me a chance to shout out many friends who have helped me on my journey. Big ups to that company. You can read the whole interview here –


3. Multi-Media Projects: I’ve created a few multi-media projects this year and will be released then over the next few months. Want a glimpse? Here is one on greeting April in the woods. I’m also tidying up some mastering on a few long gestating music projects.

4. Signings and readings: I have a few signings I am preparing to announce for this summer very soon. As is my M.O., they will be engaging and fun. Stay tuned! I also still have a few slots for creative writing classes either to a group or one-on-one tutoring.

See you soon! Best, MWM

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