Sequel update from the Land of Rand

Besides a few random posts on my author Facebook page,  and a piece here on world creating, I haven’t shared much on progress to the sequel to the action-adventure novel ‘Alexandria Rising.’ I suppose some of it is not wanting to jinx the process; to say the book is coming along quite well and then hit a brick wall and stall out. But, I can confirm now, that, yes, the sequel is on pace to be published later this year – hopefully by fall. I began writing it in January and crossed the mid-way point on the total work a few weeks ago. The first part is finished plot wise and is undergoing a few more proofs, the end is fairly complete and the nagging middle sections – now on its 14th or 15th rewrite – is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The most enjoyable part of writing the sequel is adding the twists and turns in the plot, creating new characters, world creating, catharsis and continuing to become inspired primarily by your collective encouragement. (I have sketched out enough for many more books to be born into the Alexandria Rising Chronicles if time wills it..)

The most challenging part of writing the sequel is that four letter word: TIME. Finding the time to write is always an obstacle. With a full time job and family, I write in the margins on life – lunch, dictating in the car, late at night, etc. While I envy those who get to write full time, I also take solace and encouragement in writers like Tolkien and Lewis who wrote amazing works while still working full time jobs.

I also continue to find the research challenging, yet, rewarding. I believe that if you ask readers to suspend their disbelief you must give them good, strong anchors in the rest of the world per se so I’ve made research and detail a top priority.  With research, though,  it all reverts to the old phrase that the more you know, the more you  realize how much you don’t know. (I find my knowledge of architecture particularly paltry at times)

I wish I had some prime teasers to share with you now, but, will share that:

  • The lives of Hope and Rand are still entangled.
  • The legacy of Henry O’Neal still looms large.
  • Many unanswered questions from Alexandria Rising will be answered in due time from unsought for places and people.

Thank you all, again, for your encouragement.  It is quite the journey and I am glad to have such good company with me.


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