New review published: 5 hearts!

It can be a dangerous thing for a writer to read his/her own reviews. The bad ones have the capacity to sink one’s hopes, while the good ones can over-inflate one’s sails – okay, enough nautical metaphors, right?-  thus I try to avoid reading them. However, I was pleasantly surprised today to read a review of ‘Alexandria Rising ‘on the popular book review site P.S. I love that book!  I had sent them a copy for consideration in October 2016 and with all the reviews they do not only in writing, but also on youtube thought perhaps I had been either waylaid, misplaced or not measured up. But I was, graciously, wrong. Their reviewer Martyna gave me five hearts – their equivalent of five stars – and highly recommends it. She also wrote, “Will definitely check out the sequel (cough, cough)!” which is encouraging as I recently finished the third draft of the first half of the sequel and am wading into the second half, hoping I haven’t exhausted my adjectives. If you get an opportunity check out their site, reviews and very fun youtube channel.

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