Atlantean translations unveiled

Author’s Note: This is a guest post by Thomas J. Callahan, author of the Appendices in the Alexandria Rising Chronicles and curator of ‘The Lost Letters of Henry O’Neal.’ 

It has been a rather lengthy process the last many years working on translating the symbols associated with Alexandria Rising and its other works. The main symbol, or prime mover as you might dub it, appears on the jacket of Alexandria Rising. That symbol is one of the most sacred and fearful of all: The Slendoc Meridian. You might have also seen that symbol, along with others, on one of the scrolls or maps in the book trailers – image below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.26.48 AM

These symbols have been identified as Old Atlantean. In the book, Rand sees them first on the map his grandfather left him and later on the standing stones in The Cavern at The Castle in Austria. As Kent St. James alluded to, it has taken years with some of the finest linguists and philologists in the land to decipher these. They have little foothold in traditional Indo-European language or Celtic, Sanskrit, Chinese, etc., but, instead, is a language inclusive to itself.

I myself cannot take full credit for these translations below. I must, unfortunately admit, that some of it was liberated during a 1970 expedition near Fiji and other work I heavily borrowed on those who had set out on this path before me. That said, here are the first few symbols with their translations. I do hope to have more in the next year, but, as you can imagine, it is very challenging and taxing.



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