What’s in a name? Meet Digby and Tyrian

As you know, I love using allusions and easter eggs in my books. In ‘The Alexandria Rising Chronicles,’ I used symbology, names and numerology from the works of T.S. Eliot, Dante, Tolkien, Carroll and even the show, ‘LOST’ as inspiration.  When I began writing ‘In Pursuit of The Pale Prince,’ it was a different world.Continue reading “What’s in a name? Meet Digby and Tyrian”

Celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Alexandria Rising: A look back

It all began with a bicycle accident.  Four years ago on Oct. 27, I was involved in a serious bike accident. Went over the handlebars. Shattered right wrist that required pins. Broken ribs. Lip split that required stitches. Nose broken. Tendons torn in my left arm. Concussed. Knock out. Cold. Blood pressure sank. I sawContinue reading “Celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Alexandria Rising: A look back”

Interviewed on NPR’s Dante’s Old South

I was honored to be interviewed on NPR’s Dante’s Old South in late April. This eclectic radio show is based out of WUTC in Chattanooga, Tennessee and hosted by Clifford Brooks and Richard Winham. My interview and reading are around the 50 minute mark, but I encourage you to listen to the entire show forContinue reading “Interviewed on NPR’s Dante’s Old South”

Maguire interviewed: The story behind the story on Jessie’s Coffee Shop on KLRN

Jessie hosted me for an interview on KLRN’s Jessie’s Coffee Shop. She was an outstanding host, asked some prime questions – even stumping me a few times – and really nailed the interview. Below is the link to the audio or you can visit their home page. Thanks Jessie! https://www.spreaker.com/user/klrnradio/mark-wallace-maguire_1?utm_medium=widget&utm_source=user%3A6293772&utm_term=episode_title

T.S. Eliot action hero? The mysterious Eliot Waterstone and his connection to Rand O’Neal

One of my favorite introductory scenes in Alexandria Reborn is when Rand O’Neal meets Eliot Waterstone in The Library. “I want to see you in the light,” the voice said.  “Just there. I want to see who’ve you become or, rather, who you are. The seed of The O’Neal’s.”  As the voice spoke, a figure emergedContinue reading “T.S. Eliot action hero? The mysterious Eliot Waterstone and his connection to Rand O’Neal”

‘This would make a cool movie’ – P.S. I Love That Book

Thanks to Lithuanian book review site P.S. I Love That Book for the review of Alexandria Reborn!  Reviewer Martyna gave the book four hearts – their version of four stars – and wrote – as many of you have said of both books, “I actually think this would make a cool movie.” One issue raised byContinue reading “‘This would make a cool movie’ – P.S. I Love That Book”