About The Series

His grandfather left him with one task. Destroy a map that had been kept hidden for centuries. What should be a simple errand thrust him into a journey where he discovers humanity’s biggest secret.

Thus, begins the adventures of Rand O’Neal an ambitionless newspaper reporter who is thrust into a world beyond his wildest imagination.

Alexandria Rising was published in October 2017 to rave reviews and has been classified as everything from action-adventure to conspiracy fiction to an amazing tale with just a touch of magic.

It sequel, the highly-anticpated Alexandria Reborn, picks up immediately after Alexandria Rising and raises new questions, provides more riddles and even a few answers about the alchemistic Slendoc Meridian.

While its content is unique, author Mark Wallace Maguire’s style and storytelling has been compared to Dan Brown, Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy and Robert Ludlum. You can purchase the book here and feel free to poke around the site and explore.

Who is the author? 

As a preacher’s son, Mark Wallace Maguire spent his childhood crisscrossing the South soaking in the lilting dialects, oral traditions and cultural idiosyncransies. After a brief career in music, he settled behind the desk as a reporter at the Marietta Daily Journal and has spent the last 20 years as fixture in the metro Atlanta media scene.  He currently serves as director of Cobb Life magazine and Cobb Business Journal. His writing has been published in many regional and national publications including Snake Nation Review, Reach of Song, Cobb Life magazine, Neighbor Newspapers and The Blood and Fire Review. He has been honored for his writing by several organizations including The Associated Press, The Society of Professional Journalists and The Georgia Poetry Society. In 2005, he was named the Berry College Outstanding Young Alumni of The Year. In 2017, he was nominated for Georgia Author of The Year for his first novel, “Alexandria Rising” which was described as “magical” and “phenomenal.” “Letters from Red Clay Country: Selected Columns” was published in 2015 and features the best of his award-winning newspaper and magazine columns.  When he’s not writing, Maguire produces musical projects inspired by his favorite authors and books as well as painting, gardening and making Star Wars puns with his sons.

This website offers a chance to delve further into the book with interactive appendices, images  and a section where readers can provide their own insight, details or theories about events and people in the book.

The book can also be followed on Facebook and instagram.

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