50 Shades of Finnegan’s Wake


Finally, the mash-up you’ve never been waiting for! The best of hot, saucy contemporary American bodice ripping combined with the Avant Garde writing of James Joyce! Yes, it’s a preview of ’50 Shades of Finnegan’s Wake.’ Whether you’re a fan of steamy evenings with a jet-setting Lothario or early mornings with a cranky crindelled slush so and the bydicory o, get your post-Holiday lift here:

“Thondel’s flish flash of flesh in the doworty oh. Svelte seamless and the she river flaps southerly.  Bare chest heaving and hurtling with a nix girl and a blooming toomed barnacles to the kraters of young sky. Ferictictico! gestation of grins and glad hands glimmgering. glimmering! She does it slowly. Dowager don don the deed! Fe Fo Fum! To the bye and bye sweat salty sheets and the pixels panting pixies. picking pecking. en do dickery pacts and huemerangingbows.” 



Interviewed in the Blue Mountain Review!

Big ups and a major thanks to Clifford Brooks and The Blue Mountain Review for interviewing me in the latest issue of that gorgeous magazine. You can check out the entire issue here which is chock full of prime prose, poetry, interviews and art.

As a former journalist, I must say it was different, yet pleasant, being on the other side of the table. I’ve been interviewed prior on subjects ranging from “The Screwtape Letters” to advocacy for the disabled, but never been asked so many in-depth questions about my own writing, inspirations and my life the way Brooks pitched them. It was fun, though sometimes in my own head, I saw myself as Jimmy Rabbitte from the movie and book, ‘The Commitments’ as he interviews himself throughout that great Roddy Doyle creation.


By no means, take any disrespect from old Jimmy in the bathtub, but humor and self-depreciation have always been my go-to defense mechanisms.

All that said, it was dad gum fun. The interview was part of the magazine’s member spotlight series where they profile new members of The Southern Collective Experience of which the magazine is affiliated with. I was recently accepted into the collective and am honored by be a part of a group of fine individuals.

I encourage you to read not only the interview, but the entire magazine. Brooks, who operates the magazine as part of collective, is a luminary for Southern culture and makes a point to provide art that is not only good, but also accessible.

Thanks to all for being part of the journey.