What is this book about?

His grandfather left him with one task. Destroy a map that had been kept hidden for centuries. He could never imagine the journey it would lead him on and the secrets he would discover. This action-adventure novel has a dose of historical fiction to keep the reader glued to the page. While its content is unique, author Mark Wallace Maguire’s style and storytelling has been compared to Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy and Dan Brown. You can purchase the book here or explore our other unique purchasing options on the purchase page. The book is published by Speckled Leaf Press.

Who is the author? 

Raised throughout 15 cities across The South, Mark Wallace Maguire lives south of Atlanta in Red Clay Country. In 2015, his non-fiction book, “Letters from Red Clay Country” was published which featured a selection of his award-winning columns and essays on Southern culture. His writing has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and literary reviews and he has been honored by organizations such as The Associated Press and The Georgia Poetry Society.

This website offers a chance to delve further into the book with interactive appendices, images  and a section where readers can provide their own insight, details or theories about events and people in the book.

The book can also be followed on Facebook and instagram.

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